High Gabriel Water Supply Corporation
Bore pit at 183 and Green Valley Drive
Bore pit at Highway 183 and Green Valley Dr., looking west to east
Highway 183A Construction Project - 2006   Page 1
High Gabriel Water
Supply Corporation
Highway 183A Construction Project - 2006

The 183A Toll Road construction project required the relocation of the High Gabriel WSC water line serving customers on the east side of Highway 183. The original 4-inch water line crossed under the highway at Signal Hill Drive. A new 6-inch water line was installed, crossing at Green Valley Drive under the highway to South Gabriel Drive. Large bore pits were dug on both sides of the roadway and a drilling machine was lowered into the pit on the west side of the highway. A horizontal hole was drilled under Highway 183. A steel pipe was then inserted through the hole to serve as a casing for the new water line.

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